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Welcome to our CCAP Alumni page. The webpage was designed to keep alumni up-to-date with events in the clinical area. We hope in the near future that this site would faciliate contact among alma mater.

Our Newsletters

Vol.1 Issue No.1 (November, 2009)
Vol.1 Issue No.2 (May, 2010)
Vol.2 Issue No.1 (November, 2010)
Vol.2 Issue No.2 (May, 2011)
Vol.3 Issue No.1 (December, 2011)
Vol.4 Issue No.1 (January, 2013) (contact department for copy)

Do you remember the days of financial struggle in those "golden" graduate student days? Long repressed? On behalf of all of our students, the CCAP faculty would very much like to thank you all for your donations. There are currently TWO ways by which to support current students:

  1. Endowment Fund. CCAP has established an endowment fund for an annual scholarship to a CCAP student to recognize her/his excellence in the development of professional skills. For more detail see the May 2011 CCAP Newsletter , "Making dreams come true" by M.A. Evans (page 1). $30,000 must be reached before the award can be given.To make a donation to the CCAP area to support this scholarship: Visit

1) Click on Give to Guelph on bar across top
2) Click on Donate Now whichtakes you to the Better Planet page
3) Click I prefer to support an area not listed above
4) Type in Clinical Psychology Scholarship Fund in the box below

  1. Highest Priority Fund. Alumni Affairs has also established what is called a Highest Priority Fund for each Department. Donations go to the Department as a whole to support special projects or acquisitions, student attendance at workshops, and existing minor awards in the Department as a whole. Donations may be made as above but at step 4, type in Psychology Highest Priority Fund.

Thanks for your support!!


Tell us what you would like to see appear on this web page. Contact:

Dr. Karl Hennig
phone: 519-824-4120, ext. 53558