Undergraduate Studies in Psychology

The Psychology undergraduate program is the largest undergraduate program at the University of Guelph. A transcript of this video is available.

In Psychology, you will study human behaviour and cognition, and explore the ways people act as individuals and in groups. You’ll gain insights and analytical skills that will serve you well in any career, or prepare you for graduate studies.

We provide excellent opportunities in the core areas of research methodology, development, social psychology, learning, perception, cognition, neuropsychology, physiological psychology, personality and psychopathology. Many undergrads combine psychology with studies in another area such as family and child studies, economics, English, history, computer science, studio art, or business.

There are 2 degree programs a BA and a BSc.

To learn more about the new Undergraduate Course Credit Structure see the FAQ.

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Undergraduate Students can obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree with Major or Minor Focus in Psychology as well as a 3-year BA General in Psychology.  There is also a Co-op option.

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BA - Independent Study

Honours Thesis