Graduate Studies: Industrial-Organizational

Workplace Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Graduate Research Fund

Updated Fall 2021 

It is with the greatest of pleasure and deepest of gratitude that the Department of Psychology announces the Workplace Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Graduate Research Fund. This research fund has been made possible through the generous donations of I/O faculty and alumni.

Why Guelph for I-O?

We believe a key strength of the Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology program at the University of Guelph is our balanced approach to graduate education. We highly value the scientist-practitioner model in which both the research and practice skills of our graduate students are developed. Below we outline how both of these skill-sets are developed in our program.

Industrial-Organizational (PhD.PSYC) - Courses

After completing the Admissions requirements For the PhD the following are required: (For descriptions of the courses please see the Graduate Program Calendar)

PSYC*6900 [0.50] Philosophy and History of Psychology as a Science
PSYC*7070 [0.50] Psychological Measurement
PSYC*7080 [0.00] Consulting in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
PSYC*7130 [0.50] Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology