How do I apply to Graduate Studies in CCAP Psychology?

First review these eligibility requirements.

CCAP Area Application Requirements:

GRE Information


Experience working with children, adolescents, and/or families in some capacity is required (e.g., volunteer, paid).

Our program has many applicants. Competitive students typically have an overall GPA of A and a Psych GPA of A-, based on roughly the final 2 years of coursework in your program.

Because of the research-intensive nature of our program we are most interested in students with a strong background in research methods and statistics, and we expect excellent grades (A- minimally) in these courses.

Students interested in completing both the MA and the PhD are encouraged to apply.

Students who enter the MA program have an Honours degree in Psychology or equivalent research experience. Those entering the PhD have an MA in Child Clinical or a directly relevant program and are in good standing in the program.

Clinician References

In Step 2 of the General Department Application Instructions (see below) you are asked to indicate your references. If a reference is able to speak to your ability as a clinician, please forward them a copy of the CCAP Supplemental Letter of Recommendation so that this information can supplement the normal letter of reference. Don't forget to remind them of your application deadline.

English Language Requirements

If English is not your first language the University of Guelph requires that you write a standardized English Language Proficiency Test. See this link for details of acceptable tests and corresponding scores for demonstrating English language proficiency.

GRE Requirements

GRE Information

How are applicant files evaluated by the CCAP Area?

Even though applicants are encouraged to identify potential supervisors, admission is based on area review and is not at the sole discretion of the potential supervisor; some students do not select a supervisor until they join the program.

Each application is reviewed by at least 2 faculty in the area, including faculty applicants were interested in working with (e.g., a faculty member listed on their application) and faculty they did not list as a potential supervisor. Each applicant receives an overall evaluation by each faculty reviewer.

These scores are then used to identify those most competitive for admission and who are to be interviewed (in person or via skype). Approximately half of those interviewed are offered admission. This typically results in cohorts of 5-7 students/year.

Please note that, in line with Graduate Studies policies, no individual feedback is given to applicants who do not gain admission to the program; please do not contact the department for feedback if you do not gain admission.