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Workplace Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Graduate Research Fund

Updated Fall 2021 

It is with the greatest of pleasure and deepest of gratitude that the Department of Psychology announces the Workplace Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Graduate Research Fund. This research fund has been made possible through the generous donations of I/O faculty and alumni.

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PhD Dissertation

One of the central components of the PhD degree is the completion of a dissertation research project under the supervision of a faculty member. The type of research project conducted will vary significantly depending on the research interests of the student and the interests of their primary supervisor. Some of the main steps most projects will involve include writing a project proposal, obtaining ethics review, collecting data, analyzing data, and writing up a dissertation. 

AS Qualifying Exam- Research Dossier Content

The research dossier showcases the doctoral student’s accomplishments and skills in the research and professional practice domains. By way of summary and reflection, students write a statement that communicates the focus and goals of their research, areas of interest with respect to content and methods, and dissemination activities. Contract, consulting, and practicum work should also be included in the statement, with commentary about their significance for personal and community development.   

Applied Social Psychology (PhD.PSYC) - Coursework

The following courses are normally required for students continuing from the MA. Students joining the program after having completed a master’s degree at another institution may have different course requirements depending on the courses they completed during their MA. These requirements will be determined at the time of admission. (For descriptions of the courses please see the Graduate Program Calendar)


PhD- Applied Social Psychology (PhD.PSYC)

Our PhD program offers advanced training in theory, research and professional skills in Applied Social Psychology. It is designed to build on the foundations established in the Applied Social Psychology MA program. It aims to be comprehensive while providing the flexibility for students to select a set of teaching-learning activities inside and outside the classroom suited to their career goals. The programs provides opportunities for students to engage in such development through four main types of teaching-learning activities: