Undergraduate Studies

My selection window is open but a course I need is full.

Once your course selection window opens it does not close, meaning that you can continue to add courses until the end of the add period. Continue to monitor Webadvisor for openings. 

During the add periods, we suggest that students continually check Web Advisor (everyday, at all different times of the day & night) for a cancelled seat.  Students are constantly changing their schedules, therefore vigilance may pay off. 

How will I know if a specific course will be offered in a semester?

As soon as course offerings are finalized they are posted to WebAdvisor. If you do not see a course on WebAdvisor, it hasn't been scheduled.

You can refer to the Undergraduate Calendar Psychology course listings to see whether a course is designated as "F" "W" "S" or "U" ("U" indicates that a course could be offered in any semester or not at all).