Undergraduate Studies

I don’t have a pre-requisite for a Psychology course that I want to take. How can I request permission to be signed in?

Space permitting, students who lack a prerequisite may request a waiver beginning on the date indicated on the Course Selection Guidelines document. Due to the popularity of our courses, it may not be possible to admit an ineligible students.

Prerequisites requirements may include: successful completion of a specific course(s) or number of credits, registration within a specific major or minor, a minimum GPA or PSYC GPA etc.

The course I want to take is full. How do I get signed in? Can I be put on a waitlist?

When the course is full this means that all of the seats have been taken.   Professors do not keep waitlists for their courses.  During the add periods, we suggest that students continually check Web Advisor (everyday, at all different times of the day & night) for a cancelled seat.  Students are constantly changing their schedules, therefore vigilance may pay off. 


This page outlines the course requirements for the Psychology BA degree Information Systems and Human Behaviour, however the source of this information is the University of Guelph undergraduate calendar and it should be consulted for verification.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Information Systems and Human Behaviour (ISHB) - PROGRAM DISCONTINUED


The B.A. Information Systems and Human Behaviour is an interdisciplinary program.

As computers and communications play progressively more subtle and significant roles in society, this program of study brings together the elements of 3 disciplines to provide students with an understanding of technical, behavioural and social aspects of information technology.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Psychology (Co-op) (PSYC:C)

Undergraduate Students can obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree with Co-op.

The discipline of Psychology is normally associated with the social sciences, the biological sciences, and the health professions. Specialization in Psychology at Guelph is available as a B.A. honours program major, a B.A. honours program major (co-op), and as an honours specialization in the B.SC. program (described in the schedule of studies for B.SC. programs).