Kieran O'Doherty

Applied Social Psychology
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My research involves qualitative and theoretical methods applied to social issues. I focus mainly on social aspects of health, and ethical implications of science and technology. I also have a strong interest in public deliberation as a method for involving broader publics in research. I am also particularly interested in developing qualitative methods in psychology, across a range of topics.

Community engagement & public deliberation; social & ethical implications of genetics/genomics; qualitative methods; discourse analysis; risk & uncertainty; human agency.


I have research interests in several areas that tend to overlap and interact in different ways, and much of my research is interdisciplinary. In general, I conduct research that is qualitative or theoretical. Topic areas that I focus on include the social aspects of health and illness, public participation in biotechnology and science, genetic risk, the language of uncertainty, and participatory governance. I am also interested in questions of ethics, human agency, and epistemology and ontology in science and psychology. For more details on publications, collaborations, and current projects please visit my lab website.

Past and current student projects in my research group include research on topics such as: women's health; ageing; obesity; risk communication; social and psychological aspects of illness.

Selected Publications

Selected publications:

O’Doherty, K. & Einsiedel, E. (eds.). (2012). Public Engagement and Emerging Technologies. Vancouver: UBC Press.

O’Doherty, K. C., Smith, C., & McMurtry, C. M. (forthcoming). Vaccine Hesitancy: Ethical Considerations from Multiple Perspectives. In Paul Bramadat, Julie Bettinger, & Maryse Guay (eds.). Cultural and Religious Roots of Vaccine Hesitancy: Explanations and Implications for Canadian Healthcare. University of Toronto Press.

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