Applied Social Graduate Programs

Graduate studies in Applied Social Psychology are designed to prepare students for academic and applied research careers in a wide range of settings. We offer two graduate degrees:

Our two programs are distinguished by the following features:

Multiple Career Avenues

Our program of study is designed to be comprehensive and, at the same time, to provide the flexibility for students to select a set of courses suited to their career goals. Students have the flexibility to emphasize and receive training directed toward the pursuit of: (1) research in practical or applied settings (e.g., working with community organizations and consulting firms) and/or (2) research in academic settings (e.g., working in universities and colleges). As each student's desired emphasis is unique, our program allows students to select a balance of courses, applied work, and publication opportunities in pursuing their research and career goals.

Diverse methods

Faculty members and graduate students employ diverse research strategies to answer questions related to various social issues. Both qualitative and quantitative analyses are valued as modes of inquiry, and emphasis is placed on research conducted using community samples. Faculty and student research is conducted using multiple methods, including community surveys, archival research, interviews, observation, recordings of natural interactions, program evaluation, and experimental studies.

Practical Experience

Our graduate students have the opportunity to gain practical experience in a number of settings, where they conduct research, design and evaluate programs, participate in community-based research, and take part in consulting work. These experiences allow students to acquire new skills and to refine those previously acquired, to develop professional contacts, and to engage in knowledge translation and knowledge transfer activities.