Bachelor of Arts (BA) Psychology (Co-op) (PSYC:C)

Undergraduate Students can obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree with Co-op.

The discipline of Psychology is normally associated with the social sciences, the biological sciences, and the health professions. Specialization in Psychology at Guelph is available as a B.A. honours program major, a B.A. honours program major (co-op), and as an honours specialization in the B.SC. program (described in the schedule of studies for B.SC. programs).

Through its different undergraduate programs, the Psychology Department attempts to provide a) a broad general education emphasizing psychological theory and methodology, with an empirical basis in course work (e.g. experiments and projects); b) an appropriate background in psychology for those who leave the University with an undergraduate degree to embark on careers in related areas (e.g. social services); and c) a sound preparation for graduate study in psychology.

A cumulative average of at least 70% in all course attempts in Psychology is required to enter or continue in the Honours Psychology program major in semesters 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

Co-operative Education formally integrates the student's academic study with 3 work terms (COOP*1000, COOP*2000, COOP*3000) in co-operating employer organizations. The Co-op program is offered as a B.A. honours program major degree taken as one of two major options combined with 3 work terms. 

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