Applied Social Psychology (MA.PSYC) - Courses

The following are the typical course requirements for the MA Applied Social Psychology program: (For descriptions of the courses please see the Graduate Program Calendar)

•PSYC*6060 [0.50] Research Design and Statistics

•PSYC*6940 [0.50] Discrete Variable Statistics

(upon consultation with Advisor as to which is most appropriate)

•PSYC*6880 [0.25] Ethical Issues in Psychology

•Two of the following three core AS courses

◦PSYC*6910 [0.50] Critical Approaches to Applied Social Psychology

◦PSYC*6920 [0.50] Applied Social Psychology and Interventions

◦PSYC*6930 [0.50] Community, Culture and Global Citizenship

•One elective from the following list:

◦PSYC*6380 [0.50] Psychological Applications of Multivariate Analysis

◦PSYC*6521 [0.25] Research Seminar I

◦PSYC*6670 [0.50] Research Methods

◦PSYC*6840 [0.50] Program Evaluation

◦PSYC*6950 [0.50] Qualitative Methods in Psychology

◦PSYC*7070 [0.50] Psychological Measurement

•PSYC*6471 [0.50] Practicum I

Each student's specific course requirements is to be discussed with the supervisor and the graduate program coordinator at the start of the student's degree. The requirements for each student are to be submitted as part of the Graduate Degree Program form (section B), which is to be completed for each admitted student at the start of the degree.